• Designed for babies 6 months and up.
• Easy to use on any PC or Mac operating system.
• Can be played by baby alone or with an adult.
• Played by banging on the keys randomly or intentionally.
• Key strokes will introduce your child to ABCs and 123s.
• Give your child a head start on keyboard fluency.
• The mouse is not necessary but will enrich the experience.
• Animations and sounds reward your child for exploration.
• Interesting mammals from A to Z makes it fun for adults.

This is a thumnail DEMO version of the full size version.
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How The Wild Mammals works

Put your child on your lap and let them bang away on the keyboard, or give them subtle guidance, and the results will be rewarding and colorful.

There is no learning curve, your child will begin to interact immediately with stimulating images, sounds and animations.

With time, your child will connect the letters and numbers on the keyboard with the animal names and numbers.

Baby Fun Game - The Wild Mammals is the perfect balance of fun and education.

Get your child started on it now.


start to begin game demo above.

Hit any keys randomly over the whole keyboard. The player will begin to understand the connection between particular keys and what happens on screen. Don't hesitate, as an observer, to encourage the child to hit particular keys.

Letter keys will display the corresponding letter and the wild mammal whose name begins with that letter.

Number keys will display and count the corresponding number of mammals.
Space Bar puts the animal in it's natural environment.

Return and Shift keys will play animal sounds.

Other keys will various interesting things. Explore all the key reactions on the screen.

Mouse can also be used to trigger reactions

Who, What, When, Where thinking.
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