In this computer game simply hitting random keys will show their connection to ABCs and 123s with colorful Wild Mammal animations. This computer game reads the nursery rhyme aloud then
offers interactive games and animations that introduce
reading basics and deeper thinking about the story.
• Six months to six years
• Play alone or with adult
• Jump start keyboard skills
• Fun for adults too
Runs on any operating system
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• Two years to seven years
• Explore story meaning
• Giggle while learning
• Reading fundamentals
Runs on any operating system
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How The Wild Mammals works

Put your child on your lap and let them bang away on the keyboard, or give them subtle guidance, and the results will be rewarding and colorful.

There is no learning curve, your child will begin to interact immediately with stimulating images, sounds and animations that are logical.

With time, your child will connect the letters and numbers on the keyboard with the animal names and numbers.

Baby Fun Game - The Wild Mammals is the perfect balance of fun and education.

Get your child started on it now.
How Humpty Dumpty Interactive works

An animated nursery rhyme that reads itself and then offers funny animations and games that explore questions about the story like: Who is Humpty Dumpty? Why did he fall? Where was he at the time?

Deeper exploration of story concepts teaches children to think beyond the surface meaning of the words. Early exposure to this gives your child an advantage when learning to read in school.

The animated audio text shows that the story is read through words not pictures. Understanding this connection, along with exploring story concepts, at a young age will give your child a head start.

Humpty Dumpty Interactive is the perfect blend between fun and learning. Get your copy now and let the fun begin.

Baby Fun Games are developed to be fun as well as educational. The following are our underlying educational concepts and links to related research.

Wild Mammals
Early exposure to the computer keyboard is like early exposure to language, it makes your child more fluent. In todays hightech world that can make all the difference.

The advantage in Wild Mammals is that even at six months your child can bang away at the keyboard and still have fun.

The game is structured logically, A is Antelope, B is Bear, 3 counts out three animals and 9 counts out nine animals, and so on.

In time your child will realize that key A always shows the Antelope and the letter A and they will make the connection to the letter A on the key. That is when the real learning begins. (I actually have a video of this moment with my son)

Humpty Dumpty Interactive
Research on reading is so focused on phonics and sight reading that reading fundamentals and comprehension are overshadowed. At Baby Fun Game we try to emphasize these two areas.

The fundamentals of reading are that the story is in the text, not the pictures, the text is read from left to right, and each word has a space before and after it.

Kids often don't realize this and find it difficult to transition from deciphering the story through the pictures in a book to reading the words using their newly learned alphabet knowledge.

Humpty Dumpty Interactive highlights the words as they are read, and each word can also be rolled over to be heard.

Understanding what kids read is not just understanding the words, it is exploring the meaning of the words and the word groups.

It is also about exploring the creative possiblities in the story.

This game does just that, asks the who, what, where, when questions in a fun and engaging way. Your kids will ask and think about these questions over and over again.

Learning Disabilaties
Baby Fun Games focuses on gradual learning based on simple actions.
Wild Mammals and Humpty Dumpty Interactive provide a perfect environment for the learning disabled with complex interactions based on simple keystrokes and mouse clicks. Learning is self paced without the game stalling or getting boring.

Click on the links below to read about early childhood learning research that is relevant to the Baby Fun Game products.

Wild Mammals
Computers and learning in early childhood

Ten things to boost preschool education including computer "educational" games
(notice that Baby Fun Game addresses the baby mouse and keyboard skills issue)

Best practices for preschool children and computers
(Baby Fun Game addresses many of these issues.)

Humpty Dumpty
A book review, but good stuff on comprehension

An overview that refers to engaging the text
(Engaging the text is often refered to but not in detail. Baby Fun Games address this issue head on)

Carden emphasis on creative analysis of text
(The foundation of Humpty Dumpty Ineractive, only including pictures since it is at the pre-reading level)

Learning Disabled Issues
Must be simple and engaging