Designed for children 2 to 7 years old.
Easy to use and works on any PC or Mac computer.
Child can play alone or with an adult for a richer experience.
Animated text and audio teaches reading fundamentals.
Explores the concepts beyond the surface of the story.
Deeper exploration develops better reading comprehension.
Moving the mouse triggers reactions, clicking it causes more.
Games and activities offer deeper interaction.
Adults will also find the story exploration interesting.

This is a thumnail DEMO version that has only one sub game to play, the full size version has four.
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How Humpty Dumpty Interactive works

An animated nursery rhyme that reads itself and then offers funny animations and games that explore questions about the story like: Who is Humpty Dumpty? Why did he fall? Where was he at the time?

Deeper exploration of story concepts teaches children to think beyond the surface meaning of the words. Early exposure to this gives your child an advantage when learning to read in school.

The animated audio text shows that the story is read through words not pictures. Understanding this connection, along with exploring story concepts, at a young age will give your child a head start.

Humpty Dumpty Interactive is the perfect blend between fun and learning. Get your copy now and let the fun begin.

on the mouth symbol on the demo above to start the game which begins with the nursery rhyme being read out loud.

Roll the pointer over the pictures to trigger fun animations, or click the mouse for more surprises.

Roll the pointer over each word to hear them read aloud again while being highlighted.

Click the mouth symbol next to the verse to hear it read over again.

Click on the bottom menu. The arrow buttons will take you to other verse activity pages. The card buttons will open games and activites. The mouth button will read the whole nursery rhyme over again.

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